Las Lágrimas Del Tigre

My last piece …

The piece consists of three broaches/pins attached to a ring by rubber tubes. The pins represent a “Relic”, “Voodoo” and the “protecting eye”, the pins are connected to the ring on man’s hand. The hand that protects all sentient beings and in this case especially the animals of this world who are suffering.

My new harmonium

WOW ! I am now the proud owner of a brand-new “Bina” harmonium 🙂

I love Kirtan and now I have this wonderful instrument to accompany my chanting. For me this is one more way to meditate (although not so quiet this one) 😉

If you don’t know “Kirtan” look up some video’s of “Krishna Das” on YouTube, who knows you might like it too…



on this blog you will find things that are of interest to me.

I am not a writer, so most of my posts will be things I found on the internet. Mostly this will be about Zen Buddhism, Tai Chi or music but it can be anything.

Look at it as a pinbord where I put things of various nature.

You are welcome to have a walk trough my interests.