A boat called Turning Point

Interesting point of view.

One Chance to See the World

I have had this post in my drafts for a while. I thought I would finally finish it and put it out there. I may have posted something similar as this was an experience I had and I always post about my travel experiences at the time of having them. I have definitely used this photo for a post at the time I took it too, that’s for sure.

When I was doing farmwork, two of the days consisted of taking a boat ride to a peninsula that was only reachable by boat. There was a small stretch of land that stuck out of the Australian coastline and only the tip of this piece of land was inhabited by around five or six homes. One of these homes was owned by our farmer and he wanted our team of eight to help him with a home makeover. We painted, polished…

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My new harmonium

WOW ! I am now the proud owner of a brand-new “Bina” harmonium 🙂

I love Kirtan and now I have this wonderful instrument to accompany my chanting. For me this is one more way to meditate (although not so quiet this one) 😉

If you don’t know “Kirtan” look up some video’s of “Krishna Das” on YouTube, who knows you might like it too…